A petition has been started to get Steve Irwin's face put on Australian currency.
A petition has been started to get Steve Irwin's face put on Australian currency.

Petition to put Steve Irwin on our notes gets mass support

A PETITION to put Steve Irwin on one of Australia's new notes has gained massive support from the public. 

And the man who got the ball rolling, Kyle Ryan, says putting the crocodile hunter's mug on one of our notes could alter the nation's history. 

"It's about time we payed our respects to the all time greatest Australian bloke, Steve Irwin," Mr Ryan wrote on Change.org where the petition has been posted.

"Let's make a change for something in the history of our country.

"It's been ten years without the Aussie icon and although he's been recognised in many ways I'd imagine we could all support the idea of going one step further (well deserved).

"With a list a mile long of all the good Steve had accomplished in our world let's show our appreciation to a great true blue Australian by putting Stephen 'Steve' Irwin on our country's currency."

So far the petition has gained 2,177 signatures.

And getting Irwin's face on the $100 bill may not be as far-flung as many would think as the Reserve Bank of Australia is presently in the process of redesigning all of our notes. 

They certainly have the budget with the first note, the $5 bill which was released at the start of this month costing taxpayers $18.3 million - although the remaining currency is expected to cost less with the government budgeting for the entire overhaul to set it back $29 million. 

The RBA was asked if the people for the $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes were finalised.

"Design for further denominations  are well progressed," an RBA spokesman said.  

"Colour, size and people portrayed on the banknotes will remain the same to ensure familiarity with the existing banknotes.

"The primary focus of the upgrade program is to introduce a range of new security features to ensure our banknotes remain secure against counterfeiting.

"As such, a decision was made early on to retain key design elements of the current series of banknotes, including the portraits depicted on each denomination. This is intended to help to ensure familiarity with the new banknotes.

"Choosing new people to feature on the new banknotes would also significantly prolong the process due to the additional research, design and consultation required."

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