BARNYARD FUN: Jade Davies's daugther, Aliyah Wynter, with some of the family's chickens.
BARNYARD FUN: Jade Davies's daugther, Aliyah Wynter, with some of the family's chickens. Contributed

Petting farm on the way for the Highlands

WHEN an Emerald mother decided to open a petting farm she did not expect the response she would receive.

Jade Davies recently set up a Facebook page, Bells Barnyard Emerald, to gauge interest in the farm and was overwhelmed.

"I made one (a Facebook page) and three days later I had 300 people already following me and I had 10 people already messaging me from from day cares and stuff,” she said.

Ms Davies said the idea for the farm came from joking around with her family.

"I've already got a fair few farm animals,” she said.

"I've got a pet goat, I've got ponies, I've got chickens and I'm about to get ducks.

"Heaps of my family would joke around, 'Set up a petting zoo! You've just got everything!'

"One day I just thought I should have a look into it and then here we are.”

Ms Davies said her farm will be "purely mobile” at this stage.

"(I'll) just cart them around in my car because we've got a ute,” she said.

"I think people would rather that, too, because I can come to their house.

"It will be easier for them. I've just got to rock up and set up and I think people will be pleased with that.”

Ms Davies said she will initially limit her services to Emerald until the business is more established.

"I haven't decided if I'm going to do anywhere other than Emerald,” she said.

"I might get a big response and it might be too overwhelming, sort of thing.

"Who knows, if I go really well I might try and open up at home.”

Ms Davies said she had also been approached to attend one-off events such as Gemfest.

Ms Davies, who was recently accepted in the Australian Army Reserve, said she hoped to open her farm in April or May, once she returned from her military training.

"I also decided to do it that way (not open until April or May) so that people can talk about it for three months and get keen,” she said.

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