FUNDING WISH: Jenni Smith is hoping for mobile service in Dingo.
FUNDING WISH: Jenni Smith is hoping for mobile service in Dingo. File

Phone black spots are a safety issue in Central Highlands

THE Central Highlands Regional Council has put in an application for funding to cut out mobile phone black spots in the region.

On the list of highlighted local areas were Dingo, Bogantungan, Arcadia Valley, Lochington and Tresswell.

Dingo resident Jenni Smith said if the region could get any part of the $100 million Mobile Coverage Program funding it would be "absolutely wonderful".

"I'm really excited about that," she said.

"It would be just wonderful, because it is not just the social aspects that we want it for, it's for emergencies.

"... People are travelling through the area a lot, and you sort of have to know where the little spots are."

Mrs Smith said with the industry in the region, Dingo got a lot of traffic through.

"With the mining, even though there's a downturn at the moment, there's so much traffic and it's a safety concern," she said.

But inconvenience played a part as well, she said.

"With accidents out along the Beef Rd, there might be cattle on the road but no way to contact anyone to warn them," Mrs Smith said.

The CHRC unanimously agreed to adopt recommendations to work with state and federal governments to consider priority locations for mobile towers in the Central Highlands.

Mrs Smith said improving mobile coverage in the region would not only help out locals, but travellers who come through the area without realising the lack of coverage in some small towns.

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