The things people leave in cabs

Mobile phones, wallets, DVDs and umbrellas are just some of the items passengers have left behind in owner/driver Chris Kilpatrick’s cab.
Mobile phones, wallets, DVDs and umbrellas are just some of the items passengers have left behind in owner/driver Chris Kilpatrick’s cab. Cathy Adams

SOME weird and wonderful items turn up in North Coast cabs, particularly now it's the silly season.

Lismore driver Daryl Stern said it was surprising what some passengers left behind.

"A flat screen TV got left in a cab a few days back. I've got no idea how," he said, laughing.

Smaller items like mobile phones, sunglasses, high-heels, umbrellas, wallets, cigarettes and jackets have also been left behind.

Like drivers in Lismore cabbies across the world are also reporting some unusual finds.

Acronis Data conducted a survey of drivers in Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and London. One London cabbie told researchers he found a stuffed dead donkey, while a Parisian driver said a woman got into his cab, took her clothes off, and got out again.

While these stories are strange and amusing, it seems passengers also leave expensive electronic items in cabs.

USB drives, laptops, iPads and smart phones are increasingly lost by people trying to juggle too many things at once. While bank cards and keys can be replaced, it's often a lot harder to replace electronic data if you haven't backed it up.

Cabbie Chris Kilpatrick, 48, said he's happy to drop items back to his customers where possible. What's more, the owner/driver said he found it easy to remember his passengers.

"Sometimes you can get a whole life story in 10 minutes," he said.

Warren Stern has been driving cabs in Lismore for 28 years and he told The Northern Star he also loved the social aspect of his job.

"They [passengers] talk about anything - sport, sex, whatever," he said.

Mr Stern said he was happy to help a passenger who left her Visa card in his cab on Thursday.

"It belonged to a lady who had flown here for the day so I made a few phone calls," he said.

"Then I was taking another passenger to the airport and they happened to work at the same joint as her ... and they said no, she's already out at the airport. I got a PA announcement put over and then I found her."

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