CALM: Holiday relaxation of the water.
CALM: Holiday relaxation of the water. Contributed

Picture-perfect Bedford Weir

THERE is something about planning a getaway, the vehicle idling in the driveway.

As kids we were safely buckled into the back seat and the boat hitched on behind.

All was in readiness for a great family weekend away and we were Bedford Weir-bound, a water wonderland just a half-hour drive north of Blackwater.

The Central Highlands has an abundance of waterways and one of the most picturesque is Bedford Weir.

The weir entices people of all ages - from families and friends right through to the more serious water-user - with activities such as wakeboarding and water skiing, camping, fishing and canoeing, offering a reflective time to enjoy the ambience of the water.

Even with all these activities, the weir is still a tranquil family area, inclusive of a picnic play area, water sports club, boat ramp and nearby camping ground.

This captivating spot ensures everyone and their families create and share wonderful new memories.

I can still recall every Friday after school, Mum and Dad would arrive with the car bulging from the seams with fishing rods, camping gear, the dog and, my personal favourite, wakeboards, all hanging out the windows and loaded to the hilt.

I loved the feeling of the water rushing through my hair as the board cut through the water beneath me - just me, the boat and the water.

The river would open up before me, pure perfection would surround me.

It was my slice of heaven.

Sophie Polt the wakeboarder.
Sophie Polt the wakeboarder. Contributed

This was until my brother, upon seeing the calmness in my face, would speed up by at least 100mph and off I would go.

Mum would always conveniently have the camera going just as my face slid along the beautiful, pristine water and disappeared in a tumble of arms, legs and onboard laughter.

To top off our day, we would make sure that just on evening the boat would come to rest and those on board would sit in the boat, waiting and watching the sun being devoured by the trees as our day came to an end.

Time to head home.

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