Shelby tries to get clean.
Shelby tries to get clean. Contributed

Pig's big problem

SHELBY the pet pig has a big problem - she's outgrown her bath and now needs a new one.

Owner Patti Arany is advertising for someone to come to the rescue with a long bath, rather than the metre-square shower/bath Shelby used to fit into.

But the porker is still counting her blessings after Ms Arany picked her up injured on the side of the road near the family's Gaeta property in June.

"She was just a couple of weeks old," Ms Arany said.

But after she was nursed back to health Shelby started to grow.

"We weren't aware when we picked her up that she was a large white," Ms Arany said.

"My daughter had been wanting a tea cup pig and this is what she got instead."

Ms Arany said Shelby, now six months old, insisted on having her bath every day.

But since she has outgrown her shower bath someone has to take her down to the dam for a swim.

Ms Arany said Shelby had become a family pet.

"We've trained her to walk on a leash, and we take her wherever she wants to go," she said.

"She's just like a puppy."

But while Ms Arany said Shelby had grown into a "delightful pig", she is no longer allowed in the house.

"We used to have her in the house when she was little," she said.

Shelby also insists on being taken for regular walks.

"If she doesn't get her way she stamps her foot like a little kid," she said.

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