Pimp husband describes wife's client being gunned down

A HUSBAND has described to a jury how he lit some candles, put some champagne on ice, and waited while a man had sex with his prostitute wife.

Little did he know the man who paid for two and a half hours of intimacy with his wife would be executed in front of him less than six hours later.

Colin Koulis, who acted as the driver for his wife Claudia Guevara-Koulis, has relived the terrifying moment he witnessed the execution-style death of Colin Lutherborrow during the early hours of the morning.

He told the court the shooter did not hesitate in gunning his wife's client down.

Former Hervey Bay resident Anthony Stewart Bagley has pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Mr Lutherborrow on July 20, 2011, at Broadbeach Waters.

Mr Koulis told the court on Thursday about the events leading up to Mr Lutherborrow's slaying.

He said he and his wife, who used the pseudonyms Jack and Sienna, had only met Mr Lutherborrow earlier in the evening after he rang up and made a booking.

"He made a booking with Claudia and I made an arrangement to pick him up," he said.

"We went to a unit that Claudia sub-leased for business purposes and I left them both there and waited in the car downstairs.

"After they had finished I went upstairs to the unit and waited until she finished showering.

"I was told that she had organised with Colin to give him a lift home."

Mr Koulis told the court on the way to dropping Mr Lutherborrow home they stopped in Surfers Paradise so Claudia could get some pizza.

He said while getting pizza she called Bagley, who they only met a week earlier, and organised to buy some methamphetamines.

"Colin had no idea what we were doing. He was getting annoyed that we were stuffing around and had not taken him straight home," he said.

"We drove to Bagley's apartment and Claudia went upstairs to get him.

"He got even more agitated when Bagley hopped in the car."

Mr Koulis said the four of them started driving south towards Broadbeach to where Mr Lutherborrow lived.

He said the things had become extremely tense in the car between the two at this stage.

"They were yelling and threatening each other," he said.

"When I turned into Hooker Boulevard they had each other by the scruff of the neck.

"There were a lot of things being said and I knew then it was going to turn ugly."

Mr Koulis said he drove up the road further where his wife hopped out of the car when they stopped at a set of lights.

"I then pulled over and told them both to get out," he said.

"Colin got out and was still threatening Bagley.

"Bagley then stepped out of the car and fired a warning shot into the air."

Mr Koulis said it was then he saw the man he met less than six hours earlier get killed.

"Colin said something like 'pussy, you cannot even shoot me,' he said.

"Bagley did not even hesitate; he lifted his arm and shot Colin in the chest.

"Colin slumped to his left and fell down onto the road."

Mr Koulis said Bagley hopped back in the car, put the gun to his head and told him to drive and pick up his wife.

He told the court he drove up the road, picked up his wife and when she asked where Colin was Bagley said he shot him.

The trial before Justice Peter Lyons continues.

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