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Pink kept awake by daughter

PINK is being kept awake by her new baby.

The singer and her husband Carey Hart welcomed their daughter Willow Sage into the world earlier this month and like most new mothers she is experiencing sleep deprivation.

Writing on her twitter page, Pink said: "yeah!!!!!!!! up all night!!!! reliving my past . i've just replaced techno music with ocean sounds - glow sticks with night lights. (sic)"

In another post, she tweeted: "Sleep is overrated anyway. (sic)"

It seems Willow's sleeping habits have changed as when the tot - who the pop star named after an "unbreakable tree" - was first born, Pink claimed she was a "pro" at getting rest.

Speaking at a photo shoot for People magazine, she said: "Willow is a pro! Or else she is borderline narcoleptic like her daddy - she slept the whole time."

As well as her daughter's sleeping habits, the 'So What' hitmaker also revealed she can't wait until little Willow is old enough to be taken out on her motorbike, alongside her dog Bubba.

She tweeted: "how old do babies have to be on motorcycles? may have to get a side car for bubba and willow. they can wear capes and doggles and rhinestones (sic)"

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