Plane crash lands on Fraser Island

A PLANE has crash landed and rolled down the beach on Fraser Island this morning, with the four people on board escaping without serious injury, according to emergency services.

The plane crashed just after 9am on an eastern beach north of Eurong.

It is believed to have been taking people on a joy flight over the island.

A spokesperson for the AGL Rescue Helicopter said the chopper had been en route to the scene of the accident but had returned to base after receiving reports that all occupants had escaped the crash with minor injuries.

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Paramedics are understood to have attended the scene and treated several people.

Senior Constable Bill Worden from the Fraser Island police  said the Air Fraser Island plane had only just taken off, when it lost power and came back down to earth.

"One of the wings dipped into the sand (when the plane came back down to the ground) which caused the plane to flip over," Snr Cons Worden said.

The 22-year-old male pilot and his three passengers were treated for minor bruising at the scene.

Relevant air safety bodies have been notified, and Snr Cons Worden said investigations into what caused the plane to lose power are continuing.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesman who attended the scene said all on board the plane escaped with bruising without serious injuries.

There was no comment from Air Fraser Island.

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