Ipswich plastic and reconstructive surgeon Doctor Hugh Bartholomeusz.
Ipswich plastic and reconstructive surgeon Doctor Hugh Bartholomeusz. Rob Williams

Nip and tuck on the increase

POST weight-loss procedures such as the tightening and removing of excess skin are becoming increasingly popular, according to two Ipswich plastic surgeons.

Dr Hugh Bartholomeusz, who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Ipswich’s Tri Rhosen house, said this was due to increases in lap band (bariatric) surgery and extreme weight loss.

Dr Bartholomeusz said people were shedding so many kilograms that he predicted post weight-loss procedures would soon match and potentially pass the most popular procedures.

“That’s the biggest trend I’m experiencing at the moment and I think it will continue,” he said.

“There is still a bigger demand for breast surgery – reduction and augmentation – as well as tummy tucks, but the growth is in the post weight-loss procedures.”

Dr Bartholomeusz said the community’s increasingly overweight and obese population coupled with the popularity of dieting and shows like The Biggest Loser played a part in the growth.

Other factors included the relatively cheaper costs of procedures over the decades, and the decreasing taboo associated with plastic surgery.

He said he currently saw at least two people a month for the procedures, while fellow Ipswich plastic surgeon Neil Allen says he can see “several people a week”.

“I definitely agree the post weight-loss business is becoming a big thing.

“A lot of general surgeons are starting to specialise specifically in the weight-loss field as well,” Dr Allen said.

He believes it will not surpass the popularity of other plastic surgery procedures but thinks it will continue to grow.

Dr Bartholomeusz said the pressure on people to find work or keep their positions meant facial procedures – both surgical and botox/laser treatments – were still popular with men and women.

Both said it was important that anyone considering plastic surgery research the doctors they were considering.

Having surgeons accredited by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Australian Medical Council is recommended.

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