Secret code hidden in Fortnite game

FORTNITE players around the globe should brace themselves because the world’s most popular video game is about to be a whole lot different.

Eagle-eyed sleuths have been discovering clues and hints in both the actual game and Fortnite code which suggest the map could soon be hit by a cataclysmic event that will reshape everything people know about the popular title.

Many fans believe a huge missile that has appeared on a mountain located in northeast of Snobby Shores could explode and remove a large area from the game.

The move would not be unprecedented, as developer Epic Games did something similar in April when a meteor shower reshaped the main island and created new landscapes.

Epic Games used the meteor to mark the end of season three of Fortnite, with speculation the missile launch could be used to bring season four to a close.

Each season brings new weapons, new cosmetic appearance items and changes to the map.

The missile appears through a hole in the mountain, which also acts as an entry point for the villain’s lair.

Once a player reaches the base of the missile, they discover a hologram of a missile located above the control panel, leaving people to think the launch might not be too far off.

Adding to the speculation of a missile launch are messages appearing on in-game televisions.

The Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite, which launched earlier this month, has been broadcasting a countdown clock in ominous red letters on TVs during gameplay.

Likewise, the televisions in the PC and console versions of the game have been broadcasting a picture of a skull in a similar color scheme to the Switch countdown.

However, not everyone is sold on the idea of the missile launch, with people looking at the game's code believing one player will be able to launch the rocket every game.

While others think it hints toward a space themed season of the game.


Obviously none of these rumours have been confirmed, so players will just have to wait for the countdown to end to see what the missile really means.

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