Players divided on Saturday format

THE return of Saturday games to the Central Highlands senior cricket calendar has drawn mixed reactions from players around the region.

Rolleston's Heath Gibson said the shift from lengthy Sunday matches to a tighter format on Saturday had been welcomed with open arms.

"It's had a limited impact on us," Gibson said.

"But we enjoy it. We enjoy the shorter (40 over) format with one drinks break and no lunch break.

"It gives us the opportunity to get some things done while we're in Emerald."

But for other sides such as Blackwater, the move has certainly been a stretch with teams often struggling just to field a full 11-man contingent.

"The change to Saturday games is a killer for us," Blackwater captain Rodney Rogers said.

"Some of our guys play in the Rockhampton competition.

"I was hoping they would play for us but now I'm not really sure."

The lure of a stronger league in Rockhampton is not restricted to Blackwater, with a number of players from various Highlands teams regularly making the journey east to challenge their abilities and reap the rewards.

Last weekend Emerald Brothers batsmen Brad Jenkinson and Chris O'Shea made firm impressions for Rockhampton clubs, knocking 36 and 80 runs respectively.

However, with both competitions now played on Saturday, players will have to settle on one club or limit the time spent at the crease for either side.

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