Kelly Dodd hopes to find the remains of her missing sister.
Kelly Dodd hopes to find the remains of her missing sister.

Please help us lay Jessica to rest

KELLY Dodd's eyes fill with tears at the mention of her sister, whose body lies in an unmarked grave somewhere on the Sunshine Coast.

Her grief is only worsened by not being able to lay Jessica Gaudie to rest.

Today will mark 13 years since the 16-year-old Nambour schoolgirl was taken from her friend's Burnside home and murdered.

She would have turned 29 this year. But her body has never been found.

"All we want is to give her the burial she deserves and to know where she is," Ms Dodd said.

"It is horrible to know that she is out there somewhere all alone, with no one to lay flowers on her grave and tell her stories."

Ms Dodd, 26, at the time of Jessica's disappearance, was the first to realise her younger sister was missing on August 29, 1999.

She had gone to pick up Jessica from the home where she was babysitting to take her to a family christening.

"I went to get her and she wasn't there," Ms Dodd said.

"I knew straight away something was wrong, I just knew."

The family last saw Jessica after she left home to babysit three young children for convicted murderer Derek Sam's de facto, Mia Summers, who lived in Ridgewood St, Burnside.

Sam told police he had picked up Jessica to ask her to go get Mia to come home from a party.

He claimed he had dropped off Jessica at the intersection of Bonney and Elizabeth Sts at Nambour, but he was later convicted of her murder.

In sentencing, a judge told Sam that revealing the location of Jessica's remains could help with his parole.

But with less than three years until his parole hearing, Sam has not revealed the location.

"We just want to know where he took her, where her body has been buried," Ms Dodd said.

"I know he did it; it is just cruel. All we want to do is bury our sister, to give her some peace after all these years."

Sunshine Coast police renewed calls for information into Jessica's disappearance last month.

Ms Dodd has also pleaded for information to find her sister.

"We want anyone to come forward, no matter how insignificant they think the information might be," she said.

"Someone must know something. Maybe they are scared or think it is too insignificant, but any information will help."

Today the family will grieve for their sister in the only place Jessica can be remembered, together as a family.

"We were all close so I think seeing each other and being around family is our only way of letting her know that she will never be forgotten," Ms Dodd said.

"I think we all carry a little piece of her around with us. It is always on your mind, you never forget something like this."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Maroochydore Police Station on 5475 2444.


Jessica Gaudie
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