Police attacker complains: "My cuffs were too tight"

A 22-YEAR-OLD has complained to a magistrate that his "handcuffs were too tight" when police arrested him for assaulting an officer.

Max Liam Nuttall claimed the police were too rough with him as he was being taken into custody for pushing an officer and trying to escape arrest.

Nuttall represented himself when he appeared at Ipswich Magistrates Court this week.

Police prosecutor Constable Tracey Laing said police had tried to pull over a car Nuttall was a passenger in because they suspected the driver was drunk.

After the car turned into a shopping centre in Goodna, Nuttall and another person stepped out of the vehicle and ran away.

Nuttall was quickly caught by police but managed to run away again after he pushed the arresting officer in the chest.

Cnst Laing said Nuttall swore at the officers as he tried to flee the scene. He was recaptured and charged.

The incident took place about 2am on May 16.

Nuttall told the court his actions were out of character and he only pushed the officer because he was drunk.

He claimed the police had treated him with "extreme violence" as he was arrested.

Nuttall said an officer was on top of him with one knee on his ribs which caused him pain.

He also complained the handcuffs had been too tight which caused his hands to swell.

"I told the officers that my ribs were sore and my hand was swollen but they just told me to be quiet," Nuttall said.

If Magistrate Virginia Sturgess was at all sympathetic, she didn't show it.

"You need to realise that police have a duty to investigate all incidents of crime," she told Nuttall.

"If they have been alerted to a possible drink-driving offence, they can't just ignore it.

"If they are greeted with people who run away and behave uncooperatively, then they have to deal with that.

"They are entitled to go about their lawful duties and responsibilities."

Ms Sturgess noted Nuttall was employed but had been before the court on similar offences as well as public nuisance charges.

"If you have a problem about they way police have behaved towards you then you can lodge a complaint to have it dealt with," she said.

"However that doesn't excuse your behaviour."

Nuttall was fined $500.


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