WRITE-OFF: The police car rammed east of Comet by a driver who is still on the run.
WRITE-OFF: The police car rammed east of Comet by a driver who is still on the run. Meghan Kidd

Emerald man still on the run after ramming police car

AN EMERALD man, believed to be in hiding with family members after ramming a police car on the Capricorn Hwy east of Comet, has been urged to give himself up.

Blackwater CIB Detective Sergeant Alan Baker said the man, who was last seen driving a white 2007 Toyota LandCruiser with the number plate 091 LBN, faced serious charges.

Officers have interviewed his wife and family members in the wake of the incident, which left a 34-year-old male constable from Blackwater police station shaken but uninjured.

At 3.10pm on Friday, the man's four-wheel drive was intercepted for a vehicle check near Tolmies Range.

He became agitated and after driving away suddenly turned and collided head-on with the stationary police vehicle before advancing menacingly on the constable, who was forced to jump out of the way.

"We are still searching for the offender in this matter and it is a possibility he is being hidden by relatives," Det Sgt Baker said.

"Police have spoken with those relatives and urged the offender to hand himself in.

"Police are aware of the offender's identity - we do know who he is - but it's a difficult one, he obviously doesn't want to be found.

"The police officer in this matter was luckily uninjured, but badly shaken."

Det Sgt Baker said the police sedan was a write-off.

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