WATER police from Brisbane were called in yesterday to search the bottom of the Bremer River beneath the old One Mile Bridge.

Two detectives and three members of the water police arrived at the bridge about 10am and a scuba diver started searching the bottom of the river under the bridge, swinging out in arcs through the water.

CPIU Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Williams said the search was in relation to allegations a 13-year-old boy took a gun to a school.

"Just before Easter a 13-year-old boy was alleged to have had a firearm outside Bremer State High School," Snr Sgt Williams said.

"He was chased away and came back later that day allegedly with a gun in a bag.

"We've since spoken to him and he said it was a gun-shaped cigarette lighter and he threw it in the river under the bridge.

"A couple of kids who were with him said it looked like a real gun.

"He was charged at the time with dangerous conduct with a weapon and he went to detention."

Snr Sgt Williams said the boy, who had since been suspended from the school, made threats at the school and two weeks before this incident he pulled out a knife and assaulted a teacher.

The divers didn't find anything under the bridge despite a lengthy search.

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