'The police have not done their job one bit:' Coroner

JOANNE McCauley ran over and killed Chinese national Shui Ki Chan at Gatton five years ago and the police investigation was "inadequate", a coroner has ruled.

Brisbane Coroner John Hutton a short time ago said Mr Chan was "murdered" when he died of hypothermia after he was hit by a car while riding his bike along the Warrego Highway on August 22, 2012.

Mr Hutton said Ms McCauley "deliberately" hit the 25-year-old victim and then left him to die.

"One kilometre into his journey he was purposefully struck by Joanne McCauley," Mr Hutton said.

"He died after he was left in a ditch overnight.

Coroner Hutton referred Ms McCauley to the director of Public Prosecutions and urged Queensland Police Service to examine the investigating detective's action over Mr Chan's death.

"The police have not done their job one bit," Mr Hutton said.

The inquest previously heard Ms McCauley, from Gatton, told two men she hit Mr Chan  then recanted her statement, the inquest heard.

"Jo said, 'I done it, it was me. If you weren't off screwing [someone] else, it wouldn't have happened. It was your fault'," her former boyfriend Robert William "Billy" Allen said in a statement.

"Jo was blaming me because just before (the incident) happened, she had been on the phone to me and I had told her that I wasn't coming back.

"She said … 'watch this,' and then swerved and ran over him."

Ms McCauley told the inquest she only made the statement because a "child rapist" was listening and she wanted to in order to "scare him off".


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