This small demountable building at Glasshouse Mountains is where, according to police, Daniel Morcombe died.
This small demountable building at Glasshouse Mountains is where, according to police, Daniel Morcombe died.

Cowan took me to Daniel site, girlfriend tells court

THE teenager Brett Peter Cowan began dating after breaking up with his wife has told a court she believed she was taken to the site where Daniel Morcombe's remains were found at Glasshouse Mountains.

Leticha Harvey, who was 18 when she dated dating Mr Cowan in 2008, said she would often go out four-wheel-driving with him in forest areas, during the day and night.

They met in a sharehouse at Durack, near Ipswich, and began seeing each other after about two months before moving around a lot.

Ms Harvey told Brisbane Supreme Court they moved to a caravan park at Bribie Island in 2009 and had a child together.

She said she recalled once heading down Roys Road at Beerwah when Mr Cowan was driving.

"He drove through a back road, up through forestry to a small macadamia farm where there were two demountable buildings," she said.

"Then there was a large tree and storage and work sheds in the area.

"It seemed very away from everywhere, secluded. At night time. It was past midnight.

"(We stopped) out the front of one of the demountables.

"There was a big fig tree, maybe, over grown.

"There was two demountables the tree was in the middle."

Ms Harvey said the first looked like a "a really old building that someone had just moved there and left".

"(It was) very broken apart, dusty, there was old car parts, shells, bits and pieces, just like people had just dumped stuff there," she said.

"(The second structure) was similar to the first one but it was a bit more broken down, there was no steps leading up to the front door, at the back there was a log on the ground.

"In this building there was what was distinctly a bathroom, broken toilet, broken headlights from cars, there was buckets, rusty bolts and dust everywhere.

"There were storage sheds … they had like machinery but there were very overgrown with vines."

Ms Harvey said they were there for about two hours walking around but Mr Cowan would wander off on his own.

She said she went to the same site in 2011 with two police officers and noticed the demountable buildings were missing and the grass had been slashed.

Mr Cowan told undercover police officers that he killed Daniel while he was trying to molest him inside a demountable at 510 Kings Road at Glasshouse Mountains.

The court has heard that demountable was moved from the site in late 2005 and early 2006 and that a shed next door was demolished and buried.

Ex-wife of Daniel accused said he often stood like a "stork"

THE former wife of the man accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe has described to Brisbane Supreme Court how her he would regularly stand in a "stork" type pose.

Tracey Moncreiff, formerly Cowan, said her husband Brett would lean against a wall with one knee bent and the foot against the wall.

Several witnesses who went past the Kiel Mountain Road underpass on December 7, 2003, described seeing a man with a bent leg leaning against the embankment just behind a boy in a red t-shirt.

"If he's leaning against a wall relaxed he would have one leg up," she said.

"If it's just a general stance with one leg, he's like a stork."

Ms Moncreiff said she met Mr Cowan in 1998 through the Suncoast Christian Church and they married in 1999.

She said their first was born in 2003 and their second in 2004, the latter after she had separated from Mr Cowan.

Ms Moncreiff said they only moved in together after they got married and they used to go to church together each Sunday but by 2003, Mr Cowan was no longer going to church.

She said Mr Cowan did sandblasting and welding windmills as well as cash in hand jobs.

Ms Moncreiff said she went to the Woombye church just near the Kiel Mountain Road overpass at 9.30am the day Daniel disappeared.

She said she returned home about 11.30am, settled her six-month-old son and made lunch for herself and Mr Cowan.

Ms Moncreiff said Mr Cowan left about 1pm to get equipment from Frank Davis at Nambour and she heard him using the mulcher in the garden about 2.40pm to 3pm.

"He just stayed outside and … worked in the garden," she said.

"There was branches cut down outside so I assumed he was gardening."

Ms Moncreiff said her then husband, who would have been about 38 at the time, would wear his hair short, sometimes shaved, in the summer and then he would grow it over the cooler months.

"I assume it was shaved in December, or close to that, and then he was growing it again," she said.

Ms Moncreiff said it was usually a few months between cuts and the hair would grow to about shoulder length - straight and brown.

She said she believed he had a thin goatee in December, 2003, and never had a full beard, noting he couldn't grow hair on his cheeks.

Mr Cowan had two earrings - one hoop and one stud, she said, and noted skull tattoos on both arms.

Ms Moncreiff said there was a 6-7cm scar on one of Mr Cowan's knees from a childhood injury.


Jury shown photo of accused taken weeks after disappearance

PHOTOS of Brett Peter Cowan taken two weeks after Daniel Morcombe disappeared have been shown to Brisbane Supreme Court.

The jury has also seen photos of a tattoo depicting a skull with a smoking gun on his left shoulder and a tattoo of a skull, wearing a top hat and feather, smoking a fat joint on his right shoulder.

There is also a pinkish red ribbon with a name - in a cursive script - that cannot be made out on his right shoulder.

Kenneth King, a former plain clothes police officer, told Brisbane Supreme Court that there were no tattoos visible on Mr Cowan's legs or elsewhere.

Several witnesses have testified they saw arm tattoos while others have suggested they saw leg tattoos that could also have been dirty marks on a man under the Kiel Mountain Road overpass.

Mr King said Mr Cowan agreed to have those photos taken and let police take a DNA sample from him on December 21, 2003 - exactly after two weeks after Daniel went missing.

He said he thought his conversation with Mr Cowan was being recorded electronically but it had failed and he was now relying on typed notes he made afterwards.

Mr King said Mr Cowan told him he left his Beerwah home about 1.30pm in his white four-wheel-drive with 552-GLT to pick up a mulcher from Nambour via the Nambour Connection Road.

"He said he was alone," he said.

Mr Cowan told Mr King that he drove past the Kiel Mountain Road overpass

"He claimed not to have seen any people or vehicles," he said.

"He said left about 1.30pm and returned home between 2.30 and 2.45pm.

"He said he travelled directly there. He indicated he travelled directly home."

Mr King said he and another detective drove from Alfs Pinch Road where Mr Cowan lives to the Kiel Mountain Road overpass which was 34km and took 23 minutes.

He said they then proceeded to 105 Perwillowen Rd, Nambour which made the total from Mr Cowan's home 41km in about 30 minutes.

"My recollection was that we travelled via the highway route so we would travel under the Kiel Mountain overpass," he said.

Mr King said Mr Cowan was wearing a dark-coloured singlet top, dark board shorts and thongs when he spoke to him in December 21, 2003.


Brett Cowan's friend can't remember visit on Daniel day

A "FRIEND" of Brett Peter Cowan's cannot confirm whether he visited her Beerwah home the day Daniel Morcombe went missing.

Sandra Drummond said it was usual for her and partner Kevin Fitzgerald to head to the Beerwah RSL on Sunday afternoons because her daughter hosted "crazy Kerry raffles" and there were members' draws.

She told Brisbane Supreme Court said they would often put their rewards cards into the poker machines while they were there to generate rewards points but she never leant it to anyone else.

Ms Drummond said Mr Cowan lived at Alfs Pinch Road which was not far from her property at 154 Peachester Road at Beerwah.

Crown prosecutor Michael Byrne asked Ms Drummond whether she was at Beerwah RSL on December 7, 2003.

"I don't know for sure," she said.

Ms Drummond said she knew Mr Cowan for about two years but she did not know how long before or after that date.

She described him as "just a friend" who would help around the house and buy some marijuana "occasionally".

"I'm not sure how often," she said.

"It wasn't a lot … only small amounts.

"About $25 to $50 worth, usually about 2g."

Mr Byrne asked whether he bought marijuana from her on December 7, 2003.

"Don't know," Ms Drummond replied.

Under cross-examination from Mr Edwards, Ms Drummond agreed Mr Cowan often dropped by on his way home to chat or help around the house at least once a week.

"He did quite often help," she said.

She said she could not recall whether he popped in on December 7, 2003.

When asked about a mulcher, she said could not recall being shown a mulcher in Mr Cowan's Pajero.

"I do remember he was doing mulching at his house one weekend as for seeing the mulcher I don't remember seeing it," he said.

"That's all I know."

"It wouldn't be unusual for Mr Cowan to drop around on a Sunday afternoon?" Mr Edwards asked.

"No. Any time," Ms Drummond said.


Police officer in time checks on Daniel Morcombe confession

A POLICE officer has described checking times on two possible routes that Brett Peter Cowan might have taken if his confession story about abducting Daniel Morcombe was true.

Detective Sergeant Gavin Pascoe, from State Crime Command, said he and fellow police officer Ross Hutton started the time trials at the Kiel Mountain Road overpass at Woombye.

Documents tendered to Brisbane Supreme Court showed it took about two minutes to climb the embankment to get to the car park of Suncoast Christian Church above and then exit onto Nambour Connection Road.

Sgt Pascoe said he was using the stopwatch on his phone and making notes at various points along the route.

Taking the Bruce Highway and the Steve Irwin Way, it took 31 minutes and 29 seconds for them to reach 510 Kings Road at Glasshouse Mountains where Daniel's remains were found.

It took them 14 minutes and 29 seconds to get back to Mr Cowan's home at 73a Alfs Pinch Road at Beewah including a brief stop at Sandra Drummond and Kevin Fitzgerald's house at 154 Peachester Road.

Mr Cowan has claimed he visited their home on his way back from picking up a mulcher at Nambour the day Daniel disappeared.

Sgt Pascoe said the alternate route, travelling along the Bruce Highway and taking the Roys Road intersection, took 30 minutes and one second to reach 510 Kings Road at Beerwah.

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