TASERED: Police used a taser to subdue an armed teen.
TASERED: Police used a taser to subdue an armed teen. ALAN PORRITTAAP

Police taser teen at fish shop

POLICE have tasered a teenage girl armed with a boning knife who threatened to stab workers at a Toowoomba fish and chip shop.

Berny’s Fish Bar manager John Singleton said the 17-year-old girl walked into their Hume Street business with a knife and told staff to phone police at 7pm on Wednesday.

“She put the knife up and said ‘ring the police or I’ll stab you’,” Mr Singleton said.

A worker called police while Mr Singleton kept his staff safe behind the counter and ensured customers did not enter the shop.

Police arrived two minutes later and the teenager turned her attention on them, asking officers to shoot her.

Toowoomba Police Sergeant Greg Wheeler said the teenager pointed the 27cm knife towards police and refused multiple requests to drop the knife.

An officer used his taser on the girl which caused her to fall onto the ground, hitting her head on the tiles.

She was disarmed and taken to the Toowoomba Hospital by paramedics with a police escort.

The teenager suffered a minor head injury and will undergo an assessment under the Mental Health Act.

She is known to police.

“Police have deployed the taser for their safety and her safety,” Sgt Wheeler said.

Sgt Wheeler said police were making enquiries into the offence of going armed to cause fear.

No charges have been laid at this stage.

The investigation is pending the outcome of her mental health review.

It is believed the teenager is the youngest person to be tasered in Toowoomba.

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