"Not many Cloncurry boys would be able to get their handle around that sort of word, perspicacity.."

Political quotes of the year

It's been a year of ups and downs in Queensland politics, to use a phrase most popular with elected officials. The Brisbane Times' state political reporter Daniel Hurst regurgitates the best quotes of 2011.

Spin cycle

"Most people whom I have met think it is fair enough to pay politicians well, but a lot of people would think that if you gave them a seatless unicycle and they paid their way to come to parliament that would be too much."

- Rob Schwarten

Hair today, gone tomorrow

"I don't dye my hair. It's how it is."

-  Paul Lucas

Rum fun

"When I'm drinking rum, someone else will be doing the job, doesn't matter where I am drinking rum."

- Parliamentary Opposition Leader Jeff Seeney

More rum

"You don't think I want to work for a whole year only to sit down on f---ing election night with a bottle of rum between my knees, f---ing bawling my eyes out because [we] lost it by one seat which was Cairns."

- LNP's tough-talking party treasurer Barry O'Sullivan

A man of few words - used many times

"I think that [the producers] have shown such great perspicacity - you'll notice that word, not many Cloncurry boys would be able to get their handle around that sort of word, perspicacity - but I think they showed great perspicacity on the issue and the idea behind the show of food imports, but it was funny that they lacked the perspicacity to realise that they had this potentially great actor available and they didn't use him."

- Concise maverick federal MP Bob Katter

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Youngsters shine in political spotlight

Youngsters shine in political spotlight

Pupils participated in the 2018 Emerald Youth Parliament last week.

Maternity unit safe

Maternity unit safe

Promising future for Emerald maternity services

Gemfest a 'huge party'

Gemfest a 'huge party'

Heart of event hasn't changed.

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