TAKE 2: The Irish Village venue manager Michelle McPherson is excited for the night club's re-opening.
TAKE 2: The Irish Village venue manager Michelle McPherson is excited for the night club's re-opening. Taylor Battersby

Popular venue re-opens

THE OWNER of The Irish Village announced this week its popular night club would remain open, after extensive consultation with community stakeholders.

The decision follows an announcement on December 17 to close the nightclub permanently because of ongoing violence.

The Irish Village owner-operator Neale Parry said he initially decided to close the venue because he was concerned about his patrons' safety.

"The concern for me has been to ensure that the environment was safe for all patrons to come and enjoy what we have to offer,” Mr Parry said.

"I feel the new measures we now have in place will ensure this goal will be achieved.”

These measures include a strict dress code, which prohibits thongs, backpacks and caps/hats, and a code of conduct.

The code states any patrons displaying physical and/or verbal "anti-social behaviour” will be immediately removed from the venue.

First offences will incur a three-month ban from the venue and second offences will incur a lifetime ban.

Mr Parry said the new standards for the night club were decided in consultation with other nightclub owners, local police and the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. Venue staff and security were also consulted.

Mr Parry said suggestions from the public submitted via social media were also considered.

"I am hopeful that the community will support us in our endeavours to make The Irish one of the best places in town for all adults to enjoy themselves,” he said.

"I would like to thank the residents of the Central Highlands for their support and understanding during this time.

"I am looking forward to a positive new year after what has been a challenging 2018.”

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