TYRE TROUBLE: Natasha Griffin (inset) blew a tyre when she hit a pothole on Steve Irwin Way. ABOVE: A car busted a wheel a few hundred metres away yesterday.
TYRE TROUBLE: Natasha Griffin (inset) blew a tyre when she hit a pothole on Steve Irwin Way. ABOVE: A car busted a wheel a few hundred metres away yesterday. Warren Lynam

Drivers feel the pain of pesky potholes already

DRIVERS are now dealing with the aftermath of Cyclone Marcia as they attempt to navigate dangerous potholes and other hazards on Coast roads.

Hinterland resident Natasha Griffin said she was not looking forward to having to navigate potholes made worse by heavy rain over the weekend, especially after she had already lost a tyre to one.

The 30-year-old pizza delivery driver said she was driving along Steve Irwin Way at Beerwah on Saturday night when she hit a crater at the Roys Rd intersection.

"There was inadequate signage coming from the Beerwah town centre side of the intersection," Ms Griffin said.

"It wasn't visible until you were actually on the hole," she said.

Ms Griffin said she noticed five other people who had copped flat tyres within one hour at the pothole.

"I lost pay as well as a new tyre, but I was one of the lucky ones able to fix my car on the side of the road. Many others had to have their cars towed."

"There were a few who had multiple flats. I stopped and talked to a lot of people who were waiting for their tyres to be changed. Each said there was no indication of any potholes when you came around the corner."

Ms Griffin said she noticed quite a few potholes along Steve Irwin Way forming after the storm and she worried they would be left there for a long time.

Yesterday afternoon when the Daily went to find the pothole that damaged Ms Griffin's car, it had been filled in, but not before bursting another tyre of an unhappy driver at the scene.

However potholes weren't the only hazards for drivers, with fallen trees and debris on stretches such as Commissioners Flat and Moy Pocket roads.

Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management spokesman Andrew Ryan said crews were assessing road closures and hazards.

"As the roads dry out, we expect potholes to appear and would appreciate the community contacting (the) council's call centre on 5475 7272 so we can prioritise repairs," Mr Ryan said.


The Daily asked its readers to share where the most dangerous potholes were on the Coast.

Here's what they had to say.

  • Patricia Gayle Smith: Frizzo Rd, Palmview, near Aussie World and Glenview Rd.
  • Kim Rainbow: Doonan on Eumundi-Noosa Rd.
  • Gabrielle Tranter: Steve Irwin Way, southbound just after the lights at Beerwah.
  • Sam Denniss: Creekside Blvd, Currimundi.
  • Luke Vilkas: Narrows Rd, Montville.
  • Emma Michelle: Sippy Downs after the roundabout to Latimer Cres.
  • Chelcie Tamaira: Meridan Way.
  • Matt Hinks: Entrance to Parklakes at Bli Bli.

Tell us about a road hazard or pothole at facebook.com/thesunshinecoastdaily.

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