Cherie Gooding of the Callide Valley Veterinary Clinic.
Cherie Gooding of the Callide Valley Veterinary Clinic. Vanessa Jarrett

Prepare animals as hot weather brings nasty ticks

AS the warmer weather approaches so do all the nasty bugs including paralysis ticks.

Tick season is generally from October to December and Cherie Gooding of Callide Valley Veternairy Clinic said general ticks are around all year long.

"We see ticks on animals all year round,” she said.

"It start to get more popular in the hotter months.”

"Heading into to summer we see a lot more in the general ticks.”

Around the Callide and Dawson Valleys awe are lucky enough not to have paralysis ticks around.

"We don't have the paralysis tick here thankfully, but it is over the range and on the coast,” Cherie said.

"It comes down to the environment, they are more near the coast.

"And for some reason they don't survive out here even though we aren't that far from the coast.”

Just because they aren't in the area doesn't mean they can't be brought back.

"So when people go to the beach and go camping with the dogs that is when we see them,” Cherie said.

"We even had an instance where the dog didn't go camping but it was around when the owners were unpacking.”

It can be tricky to tell if you dog has a paralysis tick.

"Paralysis tick symptoms can be a bit like a brown snake bite,” Cherie said.

The ticks that more commonly presented at the Biloela business is bush ticks like cattle, dog and scrub ticks.

While they don't have the severity of paralysis ticks they can still make your pet very sick.

"They can still make dogs very unwell, more in the fact they suck blood and make them anaemic,” Cherie said.

To guard your dog against ticks Cherie offers some advice.

"There are lots of really good monthly products available now that include flea prevention and lice and mice,” she said.

If you do think your dog may have a tick you will need to act quickly.

"Just ring the vet, as afar as the tick paralysis goes, there is nothing the owners can do, they need treatment,” Cherie said.

"With general bush ticks, the likes of prevention medication is by the best treatment.”




Difficulty swallowing

Change in bark

Looking to be paralysed

Breathing difficulty


Itchy skin



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