Margaret Boland shows off some of the royal memorabilia she has collected over the years.
Margaret Boland shows off some of the royal memorabilia she has collected over the years.

Will Prince William visit Emerald?

MUGS, rugs, plates, flags and even a red, blue and white painted ceiling.

Margaret Boland could be the biggest royal family fan in Emerald, and it’s just as well as Prince William could be calling in to the town during his Queensland visit next week.

The Prince has not said which towns he will include in his visit, but Margaret has her fingers crossed Emerald will be one of them.

“I would love to meet him and tell him his mum would be very proud of him,” she said.

The 63-year-old has lived in Emerald all her life and has collected plenty of memorabilia showcasing her love for the royal family.

Margaret, who works at the Neighbourhood Centre, said she was excited and touched the royal family had taken notice of the devastation Queensland had been through over the past couple of months.

“I think they are very first hands-on people and they are very down to earth,” she said.

“For them to take time out of their busy lives to make our lives happier is just great.”

Margaret was surprised William was making the trip to Australia so close to his own wedding.

“He must really want to meet us,” she laughed.

Margaret’s love for the royal family stems right back to her childhood.

She said she loved them for their values and what they stood for.

“I have just always liked the Queen and ceremony and tradition,” she said.

In her early 20s she even moved to London for 12 months, but it wasn’t there she got her first glimpse of the Queen.

“In 1988 I got a photo of the Queen in Longreach when she opened the Hall of Fame,” she said.

“It was very exciting.”

While living in London, Margaret worked at Harrods and had the privilege of serving Princess Anne, who was looking for some knee-high socks.

However, she said her favourite royal would have to be the Duchess of Kent, who also visited Harrods while Margaret was working there.

“She is just so lovely and down to earth,” she said.

Margaret has held plenty of celebrations in honour of the royal family over the years, including a silver jubilee party in honour of Queen Elizabeth at her own house in 1977, where she even painted her ceiling in red, white and blue.

“Everybody humoured me and came dressed in red, white and blue as well,” Margaret laughed.

And on July 29, 1981, Margaret’s friends helped her celebrate Charles and Diana’s wedding with a lunch at the Emerald Hotel.

For Princess Anne’s first wedding, Margaret and her friends celebrated by throwing a mock wedding where they all played a part.

The biggest royal shock for Margaret was Princess Diana’s death.

“I was cutting someone’s hair at home when I heard the news,” she said.

“It was absolutely devastating.”

She was so upset about the news she even left a wedding before the reception on the day of Diana’s funeral to watch it on TV.

With the next big royal wedding on the calendar for April 29, Margaret said she would be excited to watch Will and Kate Middleton tie the knot.

“I can’t believe I wasn’t one of the 1900 invited,” she joked.

She is already thinking of how to celebrate the big day.

“Maybe for this one we will have a street party,” she said.

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