Project producers beg hosts not to play disgusting video

THE Project's Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly have proven they're just like the rest of us after losing their minds over a poo video on last night's show.

In what won't come as a huge shock, it was comedian Peter Helliar who introduced the topic, showing a clip of a monkey at a zoo flinging its poo at a bewildered elderly woman.

When the camera cut back to the panel, a clearly shocked Aly was laughing, while Bickmore had spun away from the desk with her hands over her head, in fits of giggles.

"It's the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life!" Helliar declared.

Even after they'd calmed down slightly, Bickmore still couldn't believe what she'd seen.

"That's not true," she said.

"You're making that up!" added guest host Steve Price.

The hosts then insisted on replaying the video (which has been viewed more than 106,000 times since being posted two days ago), despite Bickmore confessing she had a producer in her ear pleading with them not to "because people are eating."

The result?

Another huge round of uncontrollable giggles.


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