Confidence is returning to the Central Queensland property market.
Confidence is returning to the Central Queensland property market. Kevin Farmer

Property on the rise

CONFIDENCE is returning to the Central Queensland property market with increased sales leading into Christmas. recorded 24 property sales in Emerald in November, and a further 22 sales in December.

However, LJ Hooker Emerald owner Brenda Logovik said in reality, the number is probably higher if you account for unlisted properties and private sales.

"In general, we were having a fairly good run leading into Christmas. (The number of properties sold) has certainly improved from past years,” she said.

"We've had better times where there have been a lot more - when the mining industry was going well.

"There has always been a steady growth in Emerald and it has spiked in a number of years, but now it has come back to a nice steady flow.”

According to a report released by Propertyology, Emerald and the Isaac region are seeing an increase in the median house price, which has been credited to the growth in the mining sector.

Mrs Logovik said the "confidence in buyers has certainly returned to Emerald, which is a great sigh of relief”.

"The mining industry has certainly become stronger for Emerald and people are coming back here to live.

"Everyone is noting prices are certainly changing, they seem to be climbing a bit better because they were fairly low to start with,” she said.

With properties sitting at "great, affordable prices”, Mrs Logovik said it's a great time for first home buyers to enter the market.

"It's starting to grow and affordable prices are right here on the table for people to take,” she said.

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