Drug addict and whinger says she's not a murderer or liar

RACHEL Narelle Smith admitted she had been a drug addict, a methadone user and one who whinged about her flatmates.

But she would not admit to being a murderer and a liar.

But the prosecutor involved in her criminal trial saw things differently and took advantage of the rare chance to cross-examine Smith to point to alleged holes in her evidence.

Smith, 41, is accused of being involved in beating and torturing 32-year-old Amanda Quirk to death at their Booval home at Ipswich on the eve of Easter 2010.

She is facing a trial in Brisbane Supreme Court after pleading not guilty to having a role in the murder.

Crown prosecutor Ben Power accused Smith of lying to police and to the jury on Tuesday when she denied ever having hit Ms Quirk.

Smith told the court on the day of the murder, she, Ms Quirk, Christopher James Swan and Michelle Anne Mondientz drove to Wynnum to pick up drugs.

She said when Swan got out of the car, Mondientz said to Ms Quirk: "You need to tell him when he gets back what you had planned".

When Swan returned, Smith said through tears and a wavering voice that Mondientz told him Ms Quirk had boasted about organising people to "run through their house" because Swan had guns in their Dudleigh St property.

"(Swan) went off," Smith said of when Swan started hitting Ms Quirk.

Back at 21 Dudleigh St, Smith said Swan made her sit on the lounge and say nothing while Quirk was killed.

Smith denied the Crown's claim she hit Ms Quirk herself on that day or ever.

But Mr Power pointed out a recorded phone call Smith had with former boyfriend Aaron James Presgrave, in which she said she hit Ms Quirk.

Smith told the jury she was "exaggerating".

Mr Power said Smith also deliberately lied to police initially about burning a bag containing evidence.

"It was not that I did deliberately not tell them ... I was not in my right mind," Smith replied.

Smith said Swan had threatened to hurt her children, a 12-year-old not in her care and another son in jail.

"He said that he would slit my throat and hurt my kids," she said.

"I will do anything to protect my kids."

Mr Power suggested Smith was a person who would give any answer to suit herself. "You are prepared to lie to police when it suits you and to the jury when it suits you," he said.

Smith admitted she had been upset with Ms Quirk when she told Presgrave on the phone that Ms Quirk had been "dogging" her and talking behind her back.

The defence argued Smith had no knowledge about an attack on Ms Quirk and "not the faintest idea Swan would go berserk".

The jury is expected to begin deliberations on Wednesday.

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