Prostitutes told to ply trade elsewhere
Prostitutes told to ply trade elsewhere

Prostitutes told to go elsewhere

MOTEL and hotel owners and operators in the Mackay region are fed up with prostitutes using their rooms to ply their trade.

Nebo Rd motel owners and operators have taken a tough stand and are telling working girls, lured to the region because of its booming resources industry, to take their business elsewhere.

Managers and owners who spoke to the Daily Mercury yesterday said they did not want women operating their sex businesses on their premises.

One motel owner, who did not wish to be identified, said working girls were not welcome at her motel because the majority of their guests were families, and they had a "no working girl policy".

Another motel operator said they looked for suspicious behaviour and if too many men were coming and going they asked the female staying in the room to leave.

The mining boom has increased the population of men in the region and increased the amount of guests who regularly pass through Mackay; this in turn has created a more lucrative market for prostitutes and a headache for motel operators.

A recent court case involving a Moranbah motel has highlighted the rights accommodation houses have in who stays as guests.

Drovers Rest Motel owner Evan Hartley was recently taken to the Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal after he refused to allow a prostitute to stay in his motel.

"Before that court case people didn't know that prostitutes were not allowed to operate... out of motels that have liquor licences," Mr Hartley said.

"Under the liquor act you are not permitted to use a motel room to run a business."

A sex worker sought $30,000 compensation for economic loss from the hotel because it wouldn't allow her to stay and operate her business in their rooms.

Mr Hartley said he didn't have a problem with working girls he just didn't want them to be operating from his motel.

"Our guests don't want them here either," he said.

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