QldAlert withstands zombie hackers

LAST weekend's zombie apocalypse was successfully fended off by the state's disaster awareness program.

Queensland Police Media reported that the QldAlert system coped well with Saturday's undead assault, with the website holding up under more than 25,000 page views in the first 24 hours.

Police reported only one minor glitch, with speculation bubbling that it was the work of technologically advanced "zombie hackers".

*Disclaimer: it was not zombie hackers.*

In all seriousness, police media reported they learned a lot from the disaster awareness exercise #zombietest.

This included:

"1: QldAlert page needs to access information from a range of sources, and not rely too heavily on one source. That way, if Twitter crashes half an hour after the page is activated, we don't get (more) grey hair, and you can still get vital infomation.

2: QldAlert needs some work to make it less cluttered, but still help you find everything you need in an emergency.

3: The mobile site needs work. This is a priority for us, as we know how many people rely on accessing information on their mobiles when the power goes out, and stays out."

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