QRC: Brisbane power outages prove need for coal

THE Australian coal industry is trying to help solve poverty issues around the globe.

That is one message that came out of a Queensland Resources Council forum held on Friday in Brisbane when six executives from mining and gas companies discussed the state of the industry.

Mining giant Adani Mining chief Jeyakumar Janakaraj said the company's vision for the Carmichael Mine project and expansion of the Galilee Basin was to help 300 million people in India who live without electricity.

In response to a question from Queensland Resources Council moderator Jim Devine that the Carmichael Mine project was on "shaky ground", Mr Janakaraj said the project could be viewed different ways.

He referred to India's electricity situation and then how 75,000 people in Brisbane were without power after a storm raged through the city on Thursday afternoon.

"...And we can see the vote of impatience we had in Brisbane," he said.Mr Janakaraj asked how they could help the 300 million in India living without power.

"How do we get them out of poverty, how do we give them the basic need that is there?" he said.

New Hope Group chief Shane Stephan supported these comments, saying coal had a large part to play in reducing world poverty.

"There has been no society on earth in history move out of poverty without doing two things - providing energy to their population and educating women," he said.

"They are the two keys to alleviating poverty and many of our industries here can actually contribute."Providing cheap and efficient coal was one way to help."It's not the total solution, but certainly gas and coal and other forms of energy will form a solution," Mr Stephan said.

"But it is critical we talk to bring these hundreds of millions of people out of energy poverty over the next 20 or 30 years."


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