Not the most well-matched fighters.
Not the most well-matched fighters. Supplied

Quade Cooper fight labelled "s***" and "unfair"

JACK McInnes had never been outside the first round in his career, but that changed at the Adelaide Oval.

He'd reach his stool for the first time in three fights, but that would be the last time McInnes would see it.

The vocal crowd tried willing him on, but their cries were wasted. The gulf in class too great.

Cooper dropped McInnes in the corner with just 24 seconds left in the second round and the referee wasted little time calling the fight off.

The 22-year-old Queenslander showed heart, but it was a fight that Quade Cooper dominated. McInnes put his jab away and let the rugby union international throw punches at will, as the height and reach advantage of Cooper was something he simply couldn't overcome. McInnes ate punches from the outset.

Main Event commentator and former world champion Ted Cofie implored officials to call a stop to the contest, given the dominance of Cooper.

"He (McInnes) is not in good condition. He's taken some good shots and is not responding. It's comfortable. It looks like Cooper can do what he wants to do," Cofie said.

The Cooper barrage eventually brought McInnes undone. The Wallabies star even looked to attempt to catch the young Queenslander as he knocked him to the canvas to end the fight.

NRL star Nathan Peats took aim at the match-up, before applauding Cooper for looking after his opponent when the bout ended.

McInnes started as a $12 outsider before coming into $4. He was a crowd favourite as enthusiastic fans threw their support behind him.

McInnes received a strong cheer from the Adelaide crowd, while Cooper was met with jeers as legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer introduced the pair pre-fight.

There is one positive out of it all though for McInnes. He joins a rare breed of fighters.

"Jack McInnes can go in and tell his children what 90 per cent of the boxing world won't be able to do, and that is to be ring announced by Michael Buffer," Cofie said.

Before the fight, plenty of fans mocked Cooper and his opponent when a photo of the pair together made its way onto the internet on Thursday.


Cooper had won his two previous fights against Barry Dunnett (1-1) and Warren Tresidder (0-1).

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