Quality of political leadership 'noticeably worse' than usual

IF YOU are disappointed by the quality of current political leadership and the tone of the national debate, you are not alone.

A survey released by the University of Melbourne on Monday shows 58% of 1000 respondents thought the quality of political leadership was "noticeably worse" than usual, across both major parties.

Nearly as many respondents were also disappointed by the tone of political debate (at 57%); with 70% saying they had little or no confidence in the federal government.

Conducted as a baseline survey for the university's Citizens' Agenda project, the survey aimed to find out how Australians felt about key institutions including politicians, the media, legal system and universities.

It found public confidence was lowest for the federal government, press and television compared to the legal system and universities.

The survey forms part of a new national project aiming to get people more engaged and to improve media coverage of politics.

University director of the Centre for Advancing Journalism Dr Margaret Simons said the findings were alarming.

Her project will target voters in 10 electorates, including Oxley and Longman in Queensland, to help them get re-engaged in politics and help address community apathy towards it.

The 10 electorates were chosen as they represented a statistical cross-section of Australia, and did not include any regional Queensland or New South Wales electorates.

Conducted in mid-April, the poll found the 23% of voters who take little or no interest in politics had risen to 36%, and 73% of respondents said they had little or no confidence in the press.

Do you think the quality of political leadership is 'noticeably worse' than usual?

This poll ended on 06 June 2013.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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