Quarter of a million in damages after high-speed crash

A MACKAY electrician involved in a high-speed car crash while on his way to Brisbane airport has been awarded more than $254,000 in damages.

Reece Raymond Little, 29, was travelling to the airport on February 26, 2012, with his partner to catch a flight to Rockhampton when the high-speed crash occurred.

Mr Little sustained soft tissue injuries to his chest, neck and lower back in the crash.

The Rockhampton Supreme Court heard, during a two-day hearing in October, that Mr Little and his partner managed to catch their flight before going to hospital when they arrived in Rockhampton.

The court heard Mr Little did not take any time off from working in the family business at Blackwater after the accident, but was told he quit his job in 2013 to take up a position with the Southern Cross Group.

He lasted three weeks in the new job before resigning.

"My back was just constantly sore pretty much throughout the whole day every day and I was doing extra hours than I supposed to do," Mr Little told the court.

The court heard Mr Little returned to the family company where his father set up a new business for his son involving a mobile van carrying out repairs and servicing in the Yeppoon district.

His father told the court the business was not profitable and he only kept it going for his son's benefit.

Justice Duncan McMeekin said, in his judgment handed down last month, that while there was a suggestion from the insurance company that Mr Little was exaggerating his symptoms, he was satisfied that he had a continuing problem in the lower back of some significance.

"Any impact on daily activities would have seemed negligible," he said.

"Nonetheless, there is an impact on daily activities. The plaintiff (Little) has given up some of his sporting and leisure interests and complains of some interference with his sleep.

"He is still quite young and so is likely to bear the symptoms for more than 50 years." 



Pain, suffering and loss of amenities of life: $9000

Past economic loss: $14,506

Interest on past economic loss: $658.14

Loss of past superannuation: $1305.54

Loss of future superannuation: $22,000

Future loss of earning capacity: $200,000

Future expenses: $5000

Special damages: $2000

Interest on special damages: $90.74

Total Damages: $254,560.42



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