Police investigate bomb threat, HQ locked down for hours


POLICE dogs specialising in explosives detection have swept the Australian Federal Police headquarters in Brisbane this afternoon, after the National Security Hotline received a call suggesting a bomb threat.

Reportedly, no suspicious items were found.

The Queensland Police headquarters is still operating with a partial lockdown and will continue until the Commissioner declares there is no longer a threat.

In the wake of the call about the AFP headquarters, Queensland Police put its Brisbane offices on a partial lockdown, with people required to have ID to enter the building.

Officers also took special care to identify any civilians.

EARLIER: Bomb threat locks down AFP and Queensland Police HQ

QUEENSLAND Police headquarters on Roma Street has been "partially locked down" along with the Brisbane headquarters of Australian Federal Police.

The AFP building in Spring Hill has now put extra security precautions in place, but it was otherwise "business as usual" according to a spokeswoman.

The upping of security follows a bomb threat made on the AFP's offices via the National Security Hotline.

Explosive detection dogs have undertaken a sweep of the building and enquiries are continuing.

The order came in to lock the main doors of QPS offices in Roma St just before noon, although staff are still able to enter and leave the building.

A QPS spokeswoman said there was no information on why its headquarters had been secured, but it is believed to have been in response to the threat made against the AFP.

AFP are now investigating the source of the call.



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