Queensland drivers set to get emoji number plates.
Queensland drivers set to get emoji number plates.

Emoji number plates are coming

It's official, the millennials are taking over.

If there's one thing that has come to define the smartphone-wielding, social media-loving youth of today, it's the emoji.

And soon you're going to start seeing the little characters in an unlikely new place: vehicle number plates.

The unusual move is set to be rolled out by Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) from next month, allowing drivers to adorn their number plates with a touch of emotion.

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) spokeswoman Rebecca Michael said it was no different from allowing drivers to express themselves with other available themes like their favourite footy team.

"For quite some time we've seen that you can support your favourite team or your favourite town with a symbol on your number plate," Dr Michael told 7News Brisbane.

"And using an emoji is no different."

But before your mind goes straight to the gutter, no, you won't be able to completely replace the letters and numbers on your number plate with an eggplant or smiling poo emoji.

The smartphone symbols won't be included in rego numbers and are simply decorative.

To begin with, there will be a choice of just five standard symbols available. They include the laugh out loud (crying laugh emoji), a winking face emoji, a cool sunglasses emoji, heart eyes and the standard smiling face emoji.

Drivers who are keen for the emoji licence plates will need to fork out somewhere between $160 and $500 for the privilege, according to the 7News report.

The idea has been met with a mixed reaction on social media. While some users think it's a bit of fun, others aren't so sure about the emoji takeover.

"I want this to happen so I can have a laugh at people's number plates on the way to work," wrote one Facebook user.

"This feels like an April fool's joke," someone added.

"Please no. Is this what Brisbane has come to?" asked another user.

Meanwhile most others just wanted to spell something rude with the symbols. Because, after all, what else are emojis for?

Betting agency Sportsbet is tipping the smiling face with sunnies is set to become the most popular, currently a $3.50 favourite. .

Five emojis will be available and smiling face with heart eyes is equal second favourite, alongside winking face. Face with tears of joy ($5) and smiling face ($6) round out the market.

"Sunnies are a must in the Sunshine State and an emoji with shades will look pretty cool on a number plate. We expect more will be added in time, but it is doubtful the smiling poo or flip the bird emojis will get a run,'' said sportsbet.com.au's Rich Hummerston.

Most Popular Emoji odds

$3.50    Smiling face with sunglasses
$4.00    Smiling face with heart eyes
$4.00    Winking face
$5.00    Face with tears of joy
$6.00    Smiling face

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