Speeding is being targeted as part of changes to learner driver test.
Speeding is being targeted as part of changes to learner driver test. Helen Spelitis

Queensland learner drivers will fail if they speed

LEARNER drivers who speed in their practical test will automatically fail under a plan being piloted at seven different locations across Queensland.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the pilot was part of a package of driver license reforms announced by the Queensland Government last year.

"While the former Labor Government was satisfied to allow learner drivers to speed and still pass their test, we have a zero tolerance for speeding," Mr Emerson said.

"Given drivers aged 17-24 are over-represented in the road toll, these changes aim to better prepare our young drivers and keep them safe on the road.

"Speeding is a significant contributing factor in crashes among younger drivers and, just like it is against the law to speed above the designated limit, it has been strictly applied to pilot test candidates."

Mr Emerson said this was the first time in 15 years that major changes had been made to the Q-SAFE driver tests and included a greater emphasis on high-risk manoeuvres.

"Merging at higher speeds and turning across on-coming traffic are considered a higher focus of the pilot with a lower emphasis on skills like reverse parking," he said.

"More significance has been placed on maintaining an appropriate following distance and more detailed feedback to the candidate at the end of the test is also part of the changes."

The driver training industry has been consulted during development of the pilot, and will continue to be consulted, throughout the pilot.

The pilot is being carried out from 28 April to 25 July 2014 and an assessment will follow before the program is rolled out to other centres.

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