House Rules contestants Maddi and Lloyd from Townsville.
House Rules contestants Maddi and Lloyd from Townsville. Channel 7

Queenslanders brought to tears with dream home makeover

YOUNG Queenslanders Maddi and Lloyd have refused to play dirty on House Rules.

The Townsville couple scored with their hearts tonight, despite last week's scoring controversy.

 "Maddi and I both played sports in our past, so we understand sportsmanship," Lloyd told APN.

"Even though they might not have done a great job you show them the respect for the effort, and that's what Brooke and Grant didn't show us when they scored us.

"We didn't want to bring ourselves down to that level."

Tasmanians Brooke and Grant caused a stir when they scored the other teams much lower than the judges for strategic purposes, in the hopes of boosting their chances of winning the show's grand prize.

The small-screen drama helped the renovation series beat Channel 9's ratings juggernaut The Voice for the first time.

"It did make everybody sit up and go this is a competition, maybe we do need to get a bit more ruthless in how we attack it," Maddi said.

"We were scoring this week, and we were just going to score by how we felt.

"That's true to who we are. We're not conniving people."

Perhaps karma is at work, with Brooke and Grant's disappointing, and smelly, hessian bag ceiling and wallpapered wardrobe earning them two spots in the tent next week.

"I suppose their design choices are a little old-fashioned, putting it politely," Maddi said.

In contrast, beleaguered Victorians Adam and Lisa earned a perfect 10 for delivering Maddi and Lloyd's dream kitchen, which brought the Queenslanders to tears.

Maddi and Lloyd's picture-perfect new kitchen.
Maddi and Lloyd's picture-perfect new kitchen. Sue Stubbs

"It's one of those kitchens you see in designer books but you never ever expect to get," Maddi said.

"It takes a lot for me to cry, but that made me cry."

Back on the tools this week as the renovation show moves to Bomber and Mel's Adelaide home, Maddie and Lloyd say the competition is ramping up.

"We had just seen a 10 out of 10 room in our house, so going into Adelaide we were pretty terrified," Maddi said.

"They just stepped it up to a whole new level."

House Rules airs Sundays at 6.30pm and Mondays through Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7.



VIC Lisa & Adam (kitchen, guest bedroom): 10

NSW Candy & Ryan (main bathroom, hall, study): 8

WA Carole & Russell (living room, ensuite): 8

TAS Brooke & Grant (master bedroom, WIR, linen closet, back deck): 6

SA Bomber & Mel (entry, dining room, laundry, front deck): 6

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