Slinky the dachshund on the mend at UQ Vets in Gatton.
Slinky the dachshund on the mend at UQ Vets in Gatton. Hayley Weber

Dog clings to life after nearly cooking to death in car

Hayley Weber's quick-thinking has given her dachshund Slinky a fighting chance after the dog suffered a severe case of heatstroke on Sunday.

The Brassall resident rushed the four-year-old into the shower at the family home after she found him passed out in the car.

Unbeknownst to Hayley and her husband Sonny, Slinky jumped into the vehicle while they were unpacking the shopping and hid under the front car seat.

Unfortunately the family weren't going out on another outing and the car door was closed, leaving Slinky trapped inside in the baking heat.

By chance Hayley returned to the car two hours later to remove her son's car-seat and that's when she found Slinky passed out by the foot pedals.

"He was so hot I could barely carry him to the shower," Hayley told the QT. "First I started with lukewarm water and then slowly added cooler water. We were in there for about five or 10 minutes.

"We then wrapped him in a cool, wet towel and left for the vet."

"The vet told us that the only reason Slinky is still in with a fighting chance is because of that decision to cool him down.

"If we'd hadn't his body temperature would have kept climbing and there would have been no chance.

"We also took the decision to place him in 24-hour care. We rang around and his best chance was with Gatton's ICU at UQ Vets.

However all this medical care has come at a cost and they didn't have pet insurance.

Fortunately friends suggested she set up a Gofundme account to help with the bills.

That advice is now helping keep Slinky alive.

In three days 47 people have donated to the cause, raising $1,376 toward a target of $5,000.

"The medical bills are high because he's spent a lot of time in ICU. He's also been on a drip and required plasma treatment because there's a chance of damage to his kidneys."

"There is some sign of improvement but he's still in a bad way. We're hoping for the best but it could be another two weeks before he can actually come home."

"I am very appreciative of everyone who's donated. Me and my family thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

"If there is any left over money I will donate it to dachshund rescue Australia."

If you'd like to contribute to Slinky's continued medical go to:

Hayley Weber, husband Sonny and Slinky.
Hayley Weber, husband Sonny and Slinky. Hayley Weber

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