Race-goers labelled 'ugly freaks'

Townsville Deputy Mayor David Crisafulli's wife Tegan posted comments on facebook labelling the people of Mackay “ugly freaks” after the weekend's Amateur Cup races.
Townsville Deputy Mayor David Crisafulli's wife Tegan posted comments on facebook labelling the people of Mackay “ugly freaks” after the weekend's Amateur Cup races. Courtesy of Townsville Bulletin

TOWNSVILLE City Council deputy mayor's wife may have had her “Carlton beer goggles” on when she posted comments on Facebook labelling the people of Mackay “ugly freaks” after the weekend's Amateur Cup races.

Although she claims she is no oil painting herself, she didn't mind judging race-goers at Ooralea on Saturday.

Mrs Crisafulli and her husband, David, attended the Amateur Cup Race Day on Saturday and on Sunday she posted comments on her Facebook page about her experience.

According to the Townsville Bulletin, she posted the following on Facebook:

“Had a great day partying at the Mackay Amateurs,'' she said. “I still can't believe how many freaks were there.

“I've never seen so many ugly people in the same place at the same time – lol. (Since I'm such an oil painting – lol).”

Ms Crisafulli then suggested holding a competition on who was the ugliest person to be photographed on the day.

“... I wonder if I'd get into trouble if I posted to fb [sic] my ‘I'm the ugliest person to photograph pics from the day',” the post said.

Mackay Amateur Race Club president Kerry Woodman said he could not understand how Mrs Crisafulli could justify the offensive remarks she made about Mackay's women.

“Maybe she was looking through her Carlton beer goggles because from what I saw on Saturday the women looked spectacular,” Mr Woodman said.

“Women were dressed up and they looked terrific so I cannot understand how she (Mrs Crisafulli) could justify her remarks.

“We had a mixed bunch of people at the track on Saturday and it was the best behaved and most well dressed crowd that we have ever had.

“Maybe it was an intoxicated view – I am not too sure.”

Reigning Miss Turf Girl Brooke Thompson said she was shocked and upset by the unnecessary comments made by Mrs Crisafulli.

“I am disappointed that she (Mrs Crisafulli) has lashed out and labelled the people in Mackay freaks,” Ms Thompson said.

“There was only a small percentage of Mackay being presented at the races at the weekend and I personally noticed plenty of good-looking people and our Fashions of the Field was an example of this. It was a great success.

“Beauty is not just on the outside, it also comes from the inside.”

Although Saturday's Fashions on the Field winner, Aylssa Shaw, is not from Mackay, she felt insulted by the “ugly freaks” comment.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I wouldn't go as far as calling people freaks,” Ms Shaw, who is from Rockhampton, said.

“She should not make comments like that, especially if she is not from the Mackay region and doesn't know the people.

“It was my first race day in Mackay and I did notice that a lot of people went to great effort with their outfits. The comments are shocking and horrible.”

Mackay Regional Mayor Col Meng said he disagreed with Ms Crisafulli's take on the people of Mackay.

“Look, she is entitled to her opinion – as is everyone – but I wouldn't agree,'' Cr Meng said.

“I think we've got some beautiful ladies around here. In fact, I'm married to one.''

When the Daily Mercury tried to contact both Tegan and David Crisafulli yesterday they did not return phone calls.

Read the original story on the Townsville Bulletin website.

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