Racist flyers featuring Waleed Aly pop up on city streets

RACIST posters calling for prominent Muslim Australians Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Waleed Aly to be deported are being displayed - and pulled down - around Sydney.

The shocking signs, designed by a nationalist group encouraging followers to print and hang them in public places around the country, are made to resemble Pokemon cards and feature the catch phrase "gotta catch & deport them all".

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is featured on one of the posters, with the modified tagline "gotta catch & hang 'em all". Others feature cartoon Apex gang members and a "passive yet cunning" Asian man, given the name "Chinkamon".

The posters have shocked people for the racist slurs and insulting descriptions of the people and groups they feature.

The poster featuring Ms Abdel-Magied is titled "Yassmin-Abdelamon" and is stamped with the words "update: Self-exiled", presumably referring to the former ABC identity's recent move to London.

The sign describes the character as a "big-mouthed Australianaphobe" and a "nuisance feminist."

"Waleedamon", the group's depiction of popular The Project host, is described as "charming yet insidious" and is said to possess the ability of Taqiyya, which the poster defines as being "used by Muslims to lie to non-beleivers (sic) to defeat them".

Senator Hanson-Young is accused of being out to "destroy Australia by promoting self-hatred and open borders", while the Asian caricature is accused of "inconspicuous buyout of Aussie housing, business & infrastructure".

The "Apexamon" poster, illustrated as two drawings of black men holding knives and guns with a "racial commitment to crime".

The poster that is supposed to resemble Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young features the modified slogan 'Gotta catch & hang' em all'.

The posters have been produced by a group calling itself Aussie Nationalists.

On the group's website it offers high resolution copies of the posters, encouraging followers to print them out and "spread the love in your area".

One of the posters, featuring an imagine of Waleed Aly done up as "Waleedamon", was spotted in Sydney's inner west overnight and posted to Facebook.

The poster was reportedly removed shortly after it was shared online.

Members of the public are believed to have alerted police, who have told news.com.au they are investigating.

"Police at Marrickville Local Area Command are now aware of the posters and we are seeking information from the public about who made and distributed them.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 33 000.

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