RAINFALL: Emerald received a total of 102mm of rain in the past week.
RAINFALL: Emerald received a total of 102mm of rain in the past week.

Rain isn't finished yet

THE SEVERE weather passing over the Central Highlands in the past week caused quite a downpour.

Most of the heavy rain has now passed, although more showers are expected at the weekend.

Throughout the past week, an upper low moved through Central Queensland and into northern Queensland.

Associated with that was the heavy rainfall received, most of which hit the coastal regions but some also moving inland.

In the past week, there has been substantial rainfall in the region, with Emerald receiving 102mm from the weather event.

Other areas of the Central Highlands didn't receive quite as much, although with patchy falls, most areas did get at least some rain.

Receiving smaller amounts were Clermont with 55mm and Moranbah, which got just 25mm.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said most of the rain had moved into northern regions, although further rainfall was still expected in the Central Highlands.

"In terms of the current situation, the majority of the rainfall has moved further north,” he said.

"But we have been left with some scattered shower activity, mostly along the coast, but some of that is pushing inland as well.

"There will be some small showers, although not much is to be expected out of it.

"There will be showers around, but not expecting those heavy rainfalls like we saw over the last week.”

According to BOM, further rainfall can be expected this weekend, with a new weather system approaching.

"Over the weekend, a new system is approaching from the west - another upper trough - that will extend some shower activity back into the Central Highlands and Coalfields on Saturday,” the spokesman said.

It's expected to be another wet weekend, with patchy rain that should start clearing after Sunday.

BOM forecasts the area won't receive heavy downpours like in the past week, although up to 20mm can be expected.

The weather bureau advises anyone heading towards the coast to travel with extreme caution, as flash flooding may be evident.

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