Friday’s weather forecast.
Friday’s weather forecast.

Rainy days return

IT is time to get the umbrellas out again, as rain is forecast for the next few days, leading to possible flooding in recently hit areas.

Bureau of Meteorology weather forecaster Michael Marrinan said Emerald could expect showers and thunderstorms this weekend, with rain at times over both days.

“Emerald could very easily see falls of 50 to 100mm,” he said.

Mr Marrinan said while the major river systems were not in any major danger, there was a possibility of localised flash flooding for the area.

“Some of the localised streams could see some sharp rises,” he said.

While flooding is the last thing Emerald needs, a positive to the rain is the cool change it is set to bring.

“Temperatures are likely to be cooler as strong south-easterly winds develop,” Mr Marrinan said.

Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said the band of storms and rain would then head north to the tropics.

“Between now and this time next week more than half the state could have gained 50 to 100mm and there’s potential for more than 200mm in some parts,” he said.

A monsoonal low, which brought more than 500mm to Mornington Island over the past few days, will play a big part in the coming rain.

“This will be a setback for reconstruction work which is still in progress across much of the state due to flood and wind damage,” Mr Dutschke said.

During the past 12 months more than 5000mm has fallen in the Innisfail area and up to 2500mm in the state’s southeast.

“Whilst most of Queensland will be able to absorb this coming rain, spread over a few days, some parts of the state will suffer further flood damage,” Mr Dutschke said.

However, we are being warned it is not just flooding to watch out for.

“Together with flash flooding, thunderstorms could also produce damaging winds and hail,” he said.

Yesterday, Emerald was hit by rolling showers.

To 9am Thursday morning, some properties in the Gindie region recorded rain in excess of 70mm. Glen Rock and Echo Hills recorded 28mm and 51mm respectively, Avocet had 59mm, 40mm fell at Rodda’s Lookout and Emerald had 21mm.

The Fairbairn Dam gauging stations at Craigmore and Raymond recorded 48mm and 22mm respectively.

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