Raising homes may be an option

PREMIER Anna Bligh will consider new legislation to make it cheaper and easier for Queenslanders to raise their homes above future floodwaters.

Ms Bligh, who visited the central Queensland town of Theodore yesterday to inspect the rebuild, said raising homes was the best solution for many to flood-proof their homes.

“We are looking at how we can make it easier for people to be able to do that and get rid of some of the red tape that might apply in a normal situation,” she said.

“So we’re just working that issue through at the moment.

“For those people who are in a position to raise their homes... that would be a great way of protecting them, their homes and their families in the future.”

Theodore flooded three times this summer and was the first town in Queensland’s history to be fully evacuated.

Ms Bligh was told better river gauges were needed so approaching floods could be better measured. Major General Mick Slater, who is leading the rebuilding effort, said Theodore had made strides in its recovery.

But he was still worried about other disaster-hit areas, such as the Cyclone Yasi-ravaged Cassowary Coast and Lockyer Valley which were still of particular concern, he said. So too was the situation with houses right across the state, where people still could not return home.

“There are some areas in the state where things are going a bit slower,” Major General Slater said.

“That’s frustrating, that’s disappointing.”

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