Convicted rapist Christopher John McCoy, 21, of Kingsthorpe has sent his eight-year-old victim from Caloundra a love letter from inside prison outraging the boy's family. Picture: Supplied
Convicted rapist Christopher John McCoy, 21, of Kingsthorpe has sent his eight-year-old victim from Caloundra a love letter from inside prison outraging the boy's family. Picture: Supplied

Exclusive: Rapist sends child victim love letter from jail

A CALOUNDRA mother is horrified at the complete lack of checks and balances which allowed a man convicted of raping her nine-year-old boy to send him a love letter from inside prison.

The mother, who cannot be identified in order to protect the identity of her son, was mortified to learn Christopher John McCoy, 21, had the gaul and audacity to send the letter in which he said he loved the boy and was suffering inside prison.

McCoy, who is from Kingsthorpe west of Toowoomba, pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to recording himself committing revolting sex acts on a friend's younger brother at McCoy's home in Caloundra.

The details of the eight offences, which occurred in January last year, were not disclosed in court, but did include one charge of actual penile penetration.

The offences only came to light after McCoy's younger brother found a sex video and photos of the boy on his mobile phone and reported them to their mother, who then informed police.

McCoy was sentenced earlier this year to three years in jail which was to be suspended after serving nine months.

The boy's mother, talking exclusively to APN Newsdesk on Wednesday, said the letter, which was addressed to her young son, was nothing short of vile and revolting.

She said she could not fathom how authorities let a violent rapist send a letter to his young victim.

"The letter turned up in the mail about two weeks ago," she said.

"I was bloody horrified when I turned over the envelope and saw who it was from."

"The letter was essentially a sob story to my son about how tough he was doing inside.

"The thing that revolted me the most was the bit at the end where he told my son he would always love him."

The mother said what has happened was not good enough especially considering McCoy was told at his sentencing that he could not contact the boy or his family in any way.

"Someone's head needs to roll over this," she said.

"The letter has made us relive the whole sordid ordeal again while he is in prison rubbing our face in it.

"It is just not acceptable that a rapist can send his victim a letter while in prison.

"What is next? When he gets released will they drop him off outside the front of our house?"

Christopher John McCoy's letter to his victim.
Christopher John McCoy's letter to his victim.


The boy's mother said she had contacted prison authorities and Maroochydore Police in relation to the correspondence.

"They said they would investigate it, but I have not heard back from either of them," she said.

"This should not have happened.

"It has not only affected me, but it has affected our entire family and the authorities allowed it to happen."

"I bet if it was a letter to Premier Campbell Newman it would not have got through."

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesperson said an investigation into the matter had been launched.

"Queensland Corrective Services deeply regrets any distress caused as a result of unwelcome correspondence recently sent to a Sunshine Coast resident and his family," they said.

"QCS works to ensure that prisoners' correspondence and telephone calls are controlled to prevent unwanted contact.

"Except for privileged mail, the contents of all letters may be screened.

"The circumstances surrounding this matter are currently being investigated and additional vetting measures have been implemented to ensure there is no recurrence."

Furthermore, the spokesperson said any person may request that a particular prisoner is not to contact them.

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