SUPPORTIVE: The Tara C&K pink day for Addie.
SUPPORTIVE: The Tara C&K pink day for Addie.

Rattled community rallies for young girls cancer journey

SHE WAS fit and healthy, running around playing sport and enjoying life as any other eleven-year-old girl should be.

However, when March hit, out of the blue Addie Clay was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin's lymphoma, leaving not only her family in shock but almost everyone in her hometown Tara rocked to the core as well.

The community hasn't experienced a child as sick as Addie for a very long time and being a close knit town, who know her personally, everyone rushed to her aid.

Wanting to be there for Addie, on Friday, April 10, Sue Ekka the managing director from Cand K Tara Community Preschooling Centre, decided to throw a pink party to raise money to help her cancer journey.

The act of kindness has left both Addie and her mum Sarah Turner overwhelmed and truly astounded.

"Addie couldn't believe that they were doing something like that for her," Ms Turner said.

"It helps her to know people are thinking of her at home and trying to do what they can for her."

The centre still has plans in the future to further assist their former student on her long road to recovery.

Some staff, including kindy teacher Crystal and nursery assistant Melinda's husband David, have decided to be brave and shave off their locks to raise awareness.

Handmade Mother's Day cards have been created by one of the parents to sell, and the centre also plans to hold a pyjama day.

The coronavirus has played an unwanted part in the whole situation, forcing the pair to stay within half an hour of the hospital in Brisbane while Addie receives her treatment.

Unable to have any visitors and forbidden to go home to visit their family, it has only made the journey that much harder for the pair.

Addie's younger brother Nate is currently being looked after in by their grandma in Tara, so having the support of a beautiful community member like Sue supporting them in more ways than one, makes it that little bit easier.

"Sue is amazing and has gone above and beyond for my family, which is great," Ms Turner said.

"She looks after Nate so well there and is so compassionate to him.

"He was with Addie and I travelling around with her sport, so being only three years old it's hard for him to be left behind in Tara.

"She's super supportive of him, knowing that he is missing mum as well as Addie and wants us to come home.

"She's also made Mum's life easier because it's hard trying to run a business and look after all your grandkids. I think she struggles a bit.

"Sue has stepped up and looked after Nate every day at Kindy."

"I can't thank her enough, and I don't know how."

The heartbreak and sorrow caused by the suddenness of Addie's cancer diagnosis, has also touched the hearts of many other community members who are rallying her behind.

Addie's school had planned a pink day before the virus, the lady from the cafe commented on Facebook stating she wanted to get involved, along with Foodworks and the lady at the pub was also going to do a raffle at the Tara polocrosse for her.

"We are so busy living our own lives over there and with Addie's sport, so to have people supporting you that you would have never of thought would have supported you it's just amazing," Ms Turner said.

"She's more the child who gives compassion to others and doesn't have it delivered to her. She's very caring.

"We haven't asked anyone for help; they have all just come forward wanting to.

"It makes it a bit easier knowing the whole town is behind you and you're not alone."

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