Limestone Creek road resident Leo Checa found raw sewerage has been dumped in a creek upstream from his property.
Limestone Creek road resident Leo Checa found raw sewerage has been dumped in a creek upstream from his property. Chris Ison ROK210417csewerage2

Filthy 'human waste' floods CQ family's property

IT'S not a smell that anyone wants to endure, let alone have to deal with in their own back yard.

But for Limestone Creek Rd resident Leo Checa, the foul stench of raw sewage lingers on his property, after discovering the evidence in a creek that flows through his patch of land.

The retiree says it's happened twice now, having reported the first filthy find to Livingstone Shire Council last year.

Mr Checa said it only seems to happen after a large downpour, once the rain fills up and create flow in the shallow creek.

"It's being dumped upstream above my property," he said last week.

"The first time was last year. It wasn't as bad as this one."

Angry that he and his wife had to deal with the issue once again, Mr Checa wanted to publicly condemn the act and put a stop to the dumping.

"It's illegal to dump raw sewage," he said.

"My wife likes to go for a jog around our property but she can't at the moment because the smell is so bad that she has to turn back. The smell is terrible. You can smell it from 100 metres away."

Mr Checa said environmental officers visited his property last week to inspect the site and collect evidence for testing.

"They took water samples last time they came they confirmed they'd found the E. Coli or bacteria that identifies it as human waste," he said.

"It's a health hazard.

"I think its a despicable thing to do, to dump raw sewage into water courses.

"Before this we used to have freshwater turtles here and fish...we used to see them swimming. And yabbies; but now we have nothing the creek, its completely dead."

But Mr Checa had one simple request to the culprit of the awful act.

"I just want to find out who's doing it and ask them to stop doing it, because the creek will go back to its normal flow and the fish will return and the wildlife will return," he said.

Council was contacted for a response but it was not available at the time of going to print yesterday afternoon.

To report suspected unlicensed waste transport, storage, disposal or recycling activities phone the Pollution Hotline - 1300 130 372 or email with as much information as possible of location, name, and type of suspected illegal waste activity.

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