Looking for ghosts at the Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum - (L) Hayden Lowry, Kade Jones, Lara Jefcoat, Alexander Leopold and Emma Critchell.
Looking for ghosts at the Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum - (L) Hayden Lowry, Kade Jones, Lara Jefcoat, Alexander Leopold and Emma Critchell. Alistair Brightman

Ghost hunters to spend tonight in Maryborough Town Hall

A GROUP of investigators is in Maryborough now and they are here searching for paranormal activity.

Seven researchers of Encompassing Australia spent last night ghost-hunting at the Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum and tonight, they will move their investigation to the Maryborough City Town Hall.

Lead investigator Kade Jones said the group came to Maryborough six years ago and they captured vision and sound.

But this time they have more advance equipment which they hope will capture more proof.

"There is so much authentic memorabilia at the museum, and a lot of it came from people that were deceased," he said.

On their previous visit, the group recorded a voice saying "Paul" in the Gallipoli section of the museum.

This was later matched up to a Lieutenant Paul.

"We have also recorded voicing saying things related to South Africa," Mr Jones said.

"And, we have captured the South African flag upstairs in the museum lifting up on its own on a 90 degree angle.

"It does not just do it by itself."

Tonight will be the first time the group will spend a night at the Town Hall.

"We've been there during the day for a bit of an experiment, and even in that time, had plenty of encounters," Mr Jones said.

"When I was in the Town Hall I whistled, and then a whistle came from somewhere back at me.

"I thought it was one of the other guys from the team, but they said it was none of them."

CCTV cameras, sound recording devices, thermal imaging cameras and night vision cameras are helping.

There is a medium on the team too.

And after all their vision is shot, the footage shot has to be reviewed.

The investigators watch the footage from the different cameras and look for any activity.

"We want to prove, for once and for all, that these buildings are haunted," Mr Jones said.

"We're looking into the history of the buildings and talking to people about their experiences.

"Proof can be anything - sound or vision."

Mr Jones has been involved with the paranormal world for almost 10 years.

He believes Maryborough is the most haunted area in Australia.

"Every building on Wharf St is probably haunted," he said.

"This is because of all the rapes, murder and pillaging that happened in the 1800s.

"I've heard kids giggling from a building."

Mr Jones will also have a chat with Fraser Coast Deputy Mayor George Seymour about potential future business ideas for the town, which can't yet be revealed.

"It's something, that I believe, will very much help the town," Mr Jones said.

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