Realising I grew up spoilt in SEQ

IT WASN'T until I moved out of the south-east corner of Queensland that I realised how spoilt the region is.

Though I grew up in a small town, my community was only an hour from Brisbane and still benefited from the services and facilities our metropolitan neighbours relished.

This week I was reading some news that mentioned a stretch of road along the Ipswich Motorway that was pegged for an upgrade.

This twigged with me because a few days earlier I had received a phone call from residents who were fighting to have their road fixed - not just to have a pot-hole filled in, but to bring the road up to a level that allows them ease of access to their properties.

And this isn't the only time I've encountered this kind of issue in the brief two months I've been in this job.

Someone I was talking to last week was over the moon that a road leading to their property would soon be upgraded after years of campaigning.

And just yesterday I heard about a pair of medical practitioners who take time out of their own businesses to offer affordable, specialist medical care to people in our regional communities, that isn't otherwise available.

It seems that everything out here like roads, health care, employment, has to be fought for.

Anyone who has driven on the Ipswich Motorway over the past few years would know what a fantastic stretch of road it is, with not a pothole in sight.

It just baffles me that a small corner in our great state could be the recipient of so much attention and funding, when there are regions literally crying out for a slither of the pie and being ignored, or put on a waiting list.

What do you think? Does south-east Queensland get more than their fair share?

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