RECALL: Recall on Zoggs goggle product
RECALL: Recall on Zoggs goggle product Contributed

RECALL: Swimmers beware of the anti-fog

IF you've bought a Zoggs Fogbuster recently, you might want to return it.

The anti-fog solution for swimming goggles has been recalled by Zoggs Australia due to the product containing acetaldehyde and possibly propionaldehyde which will cause irritation to the eyes if not washed from the lenses properly.

The product could cause irritation to your eyes.

Consumers should stop using the product with batch number 105R. Consumers with the affected product should return it to the place of purchase for a refund. If you are not aware of the batch number and bought the product during the period of availability, we recommend that you stop using the product immediately.

Avoid product contact with eyes and skin. If contact is made, consumers should wash their eyes with clean/clear water or saline solution. Rinse glasses thoroughly after use with product.

Consumers can contact Zoggs by phoning 02 9453 2000 or go to

The product is sold by:

  • Rebel Sport
  • Sportspower
  • Belgravia Leisure
  • Sportsfirst
  • Manly Aquatic Centre
  • Swimwear Galore

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