Red-belly snake 'as long as a man' found near Toowoomba

The snake was caught in a Murphys Creek caravan park under a 4WD drive.
The snake was caught in a Murphys Creek caravan park under a 4WD drive. Contributed

A PART-TIME snake-catcher has rounded up a snake as long as a man in Murphys Creek.

Darling Downs firefighter Ross McGibbon caught a 1.7m red-bellied black snake at Murphy's Creek Escape, one of the biggest ever seen in the region.

He received a call on Wednesday that there was a red-belly under a caravan.

"The snake encountered a group of people and ducked for cover under a caravan," he said.

"They tried flushing it out with a hose and the snake went for better cover under the 4WD.

"It's the biggest one I've ever caught."

Mr McGibbon said the size of the snake made it easier to wrangle.

"It can get quite complicated when they're under cars but it was a relatively easy catch."

Mr McGibbon said the campers were happy to have the snake removed from the area.

"They all gave a bit of a cheer and I had a chat to them about snake behaviour and then relocated the snake about two kilometres from the campsite."

The firefighter does subcontract work for renowned snake catcher David Wiedman in his spare time.

Mr Wiedman said snake season was well and truly underway across the Darling Downs.

"We're receiving about three callouts a day," he said.

"It's going to be a hot summer and we'll probably get 10 a day in summer."

Mr Wiedman said residents who encountered a snake should keep their eye on it.

"Don't try and catch it as 95% of bites occur when people try to catch or kill snakes.

"You really have to know what you're doing."

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